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Build and manage your city.

Build homes, businesses and services to have a self-sufficient city.

There are several types of dwellings, the normal ones or the high standing ones for inhabitants with more exigencies. Business is an important part of making your people happy.
There are food businesses, which you will have to supply with raw material generated from the farms and crops of fruits and vegetables. There are businesses for fun, such as discos, video game rooms, etc ...
Services are essential for the city to function properly, energy, water, sanitation, safety ... are essential for the proper functioning of your city.
Build education buildings to create super-inhabitants and get the most out of business.

Have the inhabitants happy or they will leave the city.

The inhabitants have health needs, food, fun, work .... If you do not make them happy, they will leave the city.
You can create super-inhabitants by choosing specific careers at universities.

In Silver City you can sell raw materials, super-inhabitants and products to other cities.

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